Running Across Borders is pleased to announce a new project that will further raise the profile of Bekoji.

The project is to research, write and publish a book telling the story of Bekoji.  All profits from the book’s sale will be fedback into supporting young athletes and coaches personal development and athletics infrastructure in the town.


The Bekoji book project is being led by Declan Murray, a PhD student at the University of Edinburgh.  Declan first visited Ethiopia, and Bekoji, with RAB in 2013.  Struck on arrival at how ordinary the town is and how hidden its runners are, Declan saw a story he didn’t feel could be captured in many of the short articles and blogs he had read about Bekoji before his visit.  This intrigue, the success of the ‘Town of Runners’ film and the lack of popular writing on running in Ethiopia led Declan, and RAB, to spot an opportunity - not only to tell Bekoji’s story over the past 30 years but also to fundraise for the town.

 The book will be released in summer 2017 in time for the IAAF World Championships in London with an Amharic version completed in 2018.  You can follow Declan on twitter: @declanmurray